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Crystal Healing (1hr)

Crystal healing is a superb treatment. The crystals start to work by transmuting any stagnant blockages, transmitting healing energy to where it is most needed.  This allows both the physical and etheric body to re-balance and allowing one to become clear and focused once again. 

With crystals, pressure points, reflexology and visualization, Suzy works through the subtle bodies of the aura, through to the Chakras, flowing along the Meridians to the physical body then back out through the subtle bodies again to strengthen the aura. Back to top


Emotional cord release (1hr)

During the process of crystal healing emotional cords can be found within the etheric body, these can produce a tired, lethargic, dragged down or held back feeling. 

These can be caused from the buildup of simple daily worries or, to the other end of the spectrum, deep depression. Even unexplained pain may be released by clearing a knot of cords from the Aura. Back to top


Body Massage (1hr)

Massage is a physical manipulation of the soft tissues in the body, with the use of oils, to allow a free flowing movement of the therapist’s hands over the body surface. The skill and techniques used by the therapist should relax and warm the body tissues whilst stimulating the circulation.  Other possible effects can include:-

*Relieving stress
*Relieve muscle fatigue
*Ease joint stiffness
*Increase blood supply
*Improve lymphatic flow
*Removes lactic acid
*Increase cellular nutrition
*Relieves pain

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Thai Foot Massage

The Thai foot massage is said to be one of the most engaging, satisfying, and relaxing sensations with benefits such as:


* Improving circulation in feet and legs 
* Improving lymphatic drainage
* Reducing stiffness and improved flexibility
* Encourages physical healing


With these benefits Thai foot massage has the side affects are a sense of happiness and contentment, and as my clients regularly comment as "Simply bliss!"


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Neck and Shoulder Massage (1hr)

This massage is concentrated on neck and shoulders using muscle testing to strengthen corresponding meridians.
Benefits can include:-

*Better neck flexibility
*Relieves tension in shoulders


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Aromatherapy (1hr)

Aromatherapy is a gentle massage including the use of essential oils which have been extracted from plant materials.  Through absorption through the skin these essential oils can improve:-

* Lymphatic drainage
* Relaxation
* Function of the immune system

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Reflexology (1hr)

The feet are like a map of the body. 
By stimulating the feet the body can be encouraged to heal itself.  This is done by massage and activating all the tiny reflex points over the sole and toes with thumb and finger pressure. 


A reflexology treatment can benefit the whole body on all levels.

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Indian head massage (1hr)

This is a safe and effective massage performed with the client sitting in a chair, the massage can be carried out through clothes. (Cotton clothing preferred). Massaging is focused on the back, shoulders neck, head, face and arms. Benefits can include:-

* All over well being
* Improves circulation
* Improved concentration
* Raised energy levels
* Improves lymphatic drainage
* Improves condition of hair, skin and muscles.
* Relieves tension headaches/migraines

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Reiki (1hr)

This is the Japanese Word for universal life force and is directed by a Reiki attuned healer into the client’s body by using a sequence of hand positions and the use of powerful Reiki symbols. The effects can:-
* Be relaxing
* Be comforting
* Help pain release
* Create good well being

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Thermotherapy for the head and ears (1hr)

Ear candling treatment is done by placing a hollow tube of natural ingredients, (including cotton, beeswax and essential oils), gently into the ear. The tube is then lit causing a chimney effect for the vapours to flow down into the ear. There is a warm feeling of crackling sounds as the ingredients vaporize and the candle burns down for about 15 minutes in each ear. This is followed by a face and neck massage to complete the treatment.

There are many possible benefits including:-

* Clearing of sinuses
* Excessive or compacted ear wax
* Snoring
* Colds/Flu
* Headaches/Migraines
* Tinnitus
* Relaxing/Stress relieving

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Touch for health (Kinesiology)

There are a number of reasons why a muscle may weaken, such as allergies, illnesses and emotional strain. Using acupressure, massage and muscle testing techniques, weakened muscles can be strengthened which can improve postural balance and reduce physical/mental pain and tension. Back to top



Tsuboki is a Japanese style face massage and natural face-lift. It reduces tension in the neck, improves condition and appearance of the skin. Tsuboki can also relax and tone the muscles.
Tapping the Tsubo can help to reduce wrinkles. Tsuboki is an experience that will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed throughout your whole body. Back to top


Deep Tissue and Trigger point Massage

This technique is suitable to improve posture. It can also help to relieve chronic pain and is ideal for sports related injuries. Back to top


Hot Stone Massage

The heat from the massage stones allow me to relax the muscles quickly giving access to deeper tissues, helping with circulation and bringing toxins to the surface of the skin. (Please call for more information).

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Space clearing in your home

Its exciting looking for a new home but just give a thought of all the others that have viewed the property, the previous owners throughout time, even the land your property stands on. Give your new home a space clearing, have the old redundant emotional cords removed. Clear away any stress or negativity that may have become attached during the move, release and let go and get on with enjoying your new home.

Treat your home to energy airing from time to time. This is highly recommended if you suffer from depression or SAD.

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Case Study

A client moved into a new home and found they become asthmatic at night. During space clearing Suzy found predecessor dog energy in the bed space. The previous owner had a dog and the master bedroom had the bed in the same place when the client viewed the house. After the space clearing the clients breathing returned to normal. Back to top


Have you become lethargic and lost the will to work ? Have you lost that zest for challenge somewhere in the ever-growing “to do” tray? This could be due to a build up of “Emotional cords” around the workspace. These can drain the energy from you leaving you on edge, dissatisfied or lethargic . It is time to revamp your workplace with an Energy cleanse. Suzy’s sensitivity to emotional wavelengths and dense patches of stagnant energy within the environment allows her to locate and clear this energy, finally energizing with crystals and sound.

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