About Me

My Story

I was born in California in 1959

and came to England during the winter snows of 1963

it was the first time I had experienced snow . It was wonderful, just like being in a fairytale landscape with icicles hanging from the snow laden trees.


I spent most of my childhood living in my mothers’ grandparents home, deep in the middle of the New Forest. I was an only child and spent my free time roaming about the forest, my friends being the animals, birds, plants and trees. It must have been during this time I enhanced my sensitivity and psychic abilities to my environment.


When I was eight my mother died I became angry, hurt, resentful and withdrawn. This repeated itself in many forms over the years. I was married at the age of 18 and gave birth to Hazel when I was 19. Then one day something became very wrong with my eyes and on my daughters 8th birthday I was registered blind.


More anger and hurt as rapidly my world changed adding more feelings of rejection as well as frustration. Then one day as I accompanied my husband in a bookshop I was handed a leaflet titled
The International College of Crystal Healing . I was a little amazed as I could read the title, also strangely coincidental was the fact I had started to collect crystals. I recently had a dream of 5 coloured stones and on wakening, I knew I had to gather them.


I had been informed by some very strange thinking people that these stones where called crystals and they were to help heal me. Others informed me that they were to connect me with my Native American background. How come they know so much? I’ve only just found out myself on a visit back to the States about my Native American bloodline connection. Then the biggie, I was told I was going to be a healer, the word healer at this point in my life meant the nursing profession. Yet I’m registered blind, so I don’t think so ! Oh, how mistaken I was back then !

Well, I joined the other students at The International College of Crystal Healing, that was the start…Or should I say return.


Over the years since I’ve learnt about me ! I discovered I had Guides and Angels ready to assist me. My psychic abilities have returned and I became acutely aware of the energy around people, in their homes, in the environment and the universe in general. I noticed how this can effect ones health and the way we approach life.


So I gained a diploma in crystal healing and other holistic therapies and practised as a therapist. I met many interesting people and worked with lots of beautiful crystals. I went through a mammoth life change letting go of marriage, family home and belongings. I became a much stronger person, wiser and better focused on life in general.


To my total amazement and wonderment I could see how my own life has benefited from the holistic approach and my drive today is how I can pass that healing benefit onto others. I have the crystals, Divine light, Angels, teachers both of this plane and the etheric realms, therapists, friends and family to thank for guiding me along this amazing journey.


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